About ElitesGroup

ElitesGroup invests in our own project segments with core and unique values

Sustainable Development

Sustainability is the top development criterion. Minimize the impact on the environment.

Community Oriented

Humanistic business towards the community.

Cost Optimization

Cost optimization for the overall project.

Modern Technology

Using the most modern technologies to optimize costs.

ElitesGroup invests in Blue Ocean Projects

Seawater desalination Into Fresh Water

Investment in projects of sea water desalination into fresh water

High-Tech Agriculture

Investment in hi-tech agricultural projects

Hi-Tech Mariculture

Investment in hi-tech mariculture projects

Power Generation, Solar power

Investment in power generation and photovoltaic projects.

Marine Ecotourism

Investment in marine ecotourism projects

Sea Environment Restoration, Afforestation

Investment in projects to restore marine environment and planted forest

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