ElitesGroup brings you modern architectural designs. Using our own HyperMem materials, HyperSolar delivers breakthroughs in project design and applicability.

Novation design and build

With the most modern and modern construction technologies and materials, ElitesGroup brings the designs of roofs, domes and roofs that not only have the properties of shielding and protecting the building, but also help the building enjoy the benefits. Benefits come from nature such as: light, temperature, solar energy, kill bacteria in the air thanks to natural sunlight, ...

Our Projects

Facade Design

Facade design of commercial centers, public works, entertainment, restaurants, hotels, sports halls, stadiums, swimming pools,...

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Dome, Roof, Canopy Design

Design domes, eaves, roofs for all public buildings, entertainment, bus stations, parking lots, gas stations,...

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Bringing nature into the building

Our buildings take advantage of natural light and solar power. Bringing sustainable and environmentally friendly buildings.


Possessing advanced material technology, ElitesGroup's works have outstanding advantages

HyperMem transparent facade and roof system

The HyperMem facade and roof system with high light penetration helps the building to take advantage of natural daylight, bring a clean space (because natural sunlight has the effect of killing bacteria and viruses) and help save money, save electricity.

Roof system, facade integrated with solar energy


  • ElitesGroup brings you modern architectural designs

  • ElitesGroup we produce HyperMem, HyperSolar materials, for the projects we designed.